What is an EPC and why is it needed?

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) is a calculation of your energy consumption as well as your carbon emission rating, on an A – G rating (A being the most efficient and a G rating being the least efficient)

Your EPC report will list your current rating as well as your potential rating that you could achieve if you made any recommended changes, individually detailed in each report. These changes could be as simple as changing your light bulbs to Low Energy Lighting to adding a wind turbine to your property!

All recommendations are clearly defined in lower cost, medium cost and high cost measures, and just by making some simple changes could improve your energy consumption, reduce your carbon emissions and save money too!

Energy Performance Certificates have been rolled out across property sales and rentals since 2007and are government regulations so cannot be avoided. An EPC must be produced at point of marketing for all property sales transactions and EVERY property under a new rental agreement since 1st October 2008 must have an EPC provided by the Landlord to show perspective tenants.

From April 2009, a property cannot be legally marketed for sale or to rent without an EPC. Waiting for an estate agent to get your EPC booked in and undertaken is time spent with your property sitting vacant. Get the EPC sorted yourself and you can go to your letting agent and get your property marketed immediately!