Why Choose us

EPC’s are a pretty new regulation within the UK and therefore some home owners and Landlords have not experienced knowledge of what is expected to be done before a property is put on the market for sale or to rent.

Unfortunately there are many large organisations who are cashing in on the public's inexperience of Energy Performance Certificates by claiming to have DEA's ready to take on their work, when in actual fact they are running "reverse auction style" websites – meaning that they are paying the energy assessor only a small sum of the fee they are charging YOU for your EPC. In our experience, these reverse auction sites are attract lower skilled domestic Energy Assessors, who spend as little time as possible on site conducting your survey, which in turn may lead to an inaccurate report.

There are also lots of estate agencies reaping the benefits of EPC’s by marking up the prices to their Landlords and home sellers, only to benefit themselves.

We pride ourselves on being an independent innovative company with high standards and a simple flat rate fee service. Whether your property is a studio flat, or a 7 bedroom mansion, we will ensure that you receive the best possible service from the best possible DEA’s in the industry.

By using our company, you are guaranteed to get a service second to none and at a competitive, flat rate price.